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Alexander Cowings
Spontaneous, articulate beat dialogue ...with the intelligence of a fine musician.

Alexander began tap dancing at the age of five, blessed with a natural ability for the art form. Already becoming recognized for his natural since of rhythms and physical prowess became a regular on the scene. Collaborating frequesntly in live musical settings, establishing himself as a "tap percussionist". HIs unwavering talent to accompany brings each performance to a higher spirited level. A former trombone student, scholarship recipient of Henry Street Settlement under the direction of Director Paul West and Julliard's Music Advancement Program. Alexander has performed at numerous venues Theater 59 "Park Avenue Whirl"with Marion Cowings, Cotton Club with Mercedes Ellington, Caramoor Music Festival with Jimmy Slyde, Lincoln Center's "Meet the Artist," The Bitter End, Negro Ensemble Company with Lou Meyers, and Lake George Music Festival with Kim and Marion and the Euphoria Orchestra. Him and rapper poet Eddy Cane perform their well liked groove as "King and Eddy Cane" at Cornelia Street Cafe, PoJazz Series, Benefit in Tarrytown, New York and Flushing Town Hall, Queens. Alexander has been a part of the Young Hoofers who are this regions troubadors traveling from town to school to concerts showing the wonderful world of tap dancing. Under the directrion of the amazing tracy Mann. A fighter for american culture for the past 20 years or so. Early 2007 Alexander with his original compositions and pre recorded tracks consisting of full band arrangments and other featured instrumentalist debuted for the first time. His honrable swag translated beautifully to his smooth smokey voice singing some of his hits "From Across the Room", "Seniorita, Seniorita" or "Lets Dance" the uplifting hard driving beat that Mr. Cowings alternates from singing to hoofing accentuates an already fat groove. URBAN POPS is the new group that Alex is involved in, allowing him to stretch his creative talents.. The Urban Pops was conceptualized and spear headed by legendary Steve Paul, from "the scene" 60's. Steve Paul, who has an uncanny eye for spotting new stars, would often feature new talent at his club long before word of them had gone out. Among the wide variety of performers featured at The Scene are the Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck, Traffic, the Rascals, Fleetwood Mac and The Chambers Brothers. The Scene also became one of Jimi Hendrix's favorite locations for his impromptu jam sessions when hanging out in New York.. for fiitage if Alex. Contact Alexander at: 917-569-5891 or via email at



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