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Lance Liles

Lance began tap dancing at the age of three. Through out his life, Lance has studied tap with Buster Brown, Chuck Green, Sandman Sims, LaVaughn Robinson, and Traci Mann. Tap became part of his life. He was coached and guided by LaVaughn Robinson for four years at the University of the Arts. He received a four year scholarship for his tap dancing and is a recent Graduate at the University of the Arts as a Dance Major. His talent has is recognized on a national level where he made the National DEAN’S List for his high achievement in Dance. His hobbies are DJ-ing, playing the drums, and hip-hop dancing. Lance is a member of Rennie Harris Pure Movement dance company, and as a member of the Young Hoofers®, Lance has danced onstage with Chuck Green the Godfather of Tap, Buster Brown, Sandman Sims, Brownie Brown, Gregory Hines, Savion Glover, and Peg Leg Bates. Lance has choreographed and starred in a national television for Chili’s Bar and Grill, as well as television advertisements for Ecofest, Taste of Broadway, and Taste of Times Square. Lance is a two-time winner of Showtime at the Apollo and has recently starred in the Broadway musical reviews: Tribute to Tap Giants, Tap Legends Live! and Hats On Taps Off for Gregory. 

Lance infuses step dance and tap dance together to create elaborate rythms and body percussions.

Lance graduated as a Dance Major from University of the Arts in May 2005.



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